Signal editor


Edit is only possible after unlock. menu->Edit->Unlock Locking is not yet implemented


Signal Editor (digital)

Add a logical value (edge) selectable via signal right click menu on waveform. The edge is always added at the actual cursor position.

Key Effect
Delete Erase a transaction on actual cursor position and move cursor one step to right
Backspace Erase a transaction on actual cursor position and move cursor one step left


Signal which is edited is determined by actual mouse cursor positon.

Signal Editor (analog)

For the analog signal edit keys [delete, backspace] works same way as for the digital.

Right click on the signal name Edit



  • A yellow background is used for values, a green for time
  • hammer button’ sets actual signal time/value
  • Value in yellow inputbox is converted by python function float()
  • Discard button revert all operations which have been made on signal

Linear Ramp

For linear line between two (time,value) coordinates, use ramp:


Analog rescale

With this ‘rescale’ is possible to shift signal values into a new scale.


It is Offset and Multiply in one step.

Signal Editor (Python)

SignalConstructor support python script to modify data of waveform.


  • Analog values are stored in numpy array.
  • Button Make executes a script inside, and the result is instantly visible on a signal graph
  • Code examples have not been fully implemented yet, for the implementation of more code strips contact author.

Binary python edit


Structure of the data:
Only transition (edges) are known, the array look like: [(step, value),(step,value),…]