Basic Features

Open file

The easiest way is to start the SignalConstructor and drag & drop file into application.


Menu File → Open,


Has been observed that this dialog might be slow on the network drives.


Dialog supports favorite folders, just move folder to the left side of dialog.

Change zoom

Press the left mouse button on the ruler, and then pull.

  • Right click on the ruler set zoom back to 100%
  • Mouse wheel changes zoom smoothly
  • Ctrl+mouse wheel (with mouse cursor on waveform) [1]
  • Background color of the ruler depends on the sample rate.

In case of the hihg zoom on signals, are visible red dots, to represent values.


[1] Like in Firefox

Moveable time cursor

Hold the left mouse button pressed to move it, or just click on the signal waveform to change time position.

Actual value under cursor is shown on the left side of the graph.

On the digital signal, in the case that cursor is directly on the edge, the green square dot is shown, to higlight edge position.

Time Cursor is moveable by keyboard:

Key Action
one step right
one step left
+1 second
-1 second
Home t = 0
End t = end
j jump dialog

Time meter (stopwatch)


Click on the stopwatch icon, to show time difference between old and new cursor position.

Key Action
t toogle time button on/off

Change Yzoom

Right click on signal name -> Properties


Enter a new Y zoom value in range groupbox.

Hide signal

Select one or more signal, → Hide

Hidden signals could bee unhiden via search and show dialog

Search and show

Unset/Set signal checkbox to hide/unhide signal.


Use filter to show only filtered signals.

Use button Set, to show filtered signals

Button Unset, hide filtered signals

Button Interesting only hides constant signals


Doubleclick on signal item navigate (higlight) coresponding signal name, if signal is visible

Data view


Analog signal: all datapoints

Binary signal: only edges are visible

Matplotlib view

Select one or more signals, choose Show in Pyplot from right click menu


Matplotlib view

Features accesible via icons:

  • Reset original view
  • Back to previous view
  • Forward to next view
  • Pan axes with left mouse button, zoom with right
  • Zoom to rectangle
  • Save the figure
  • Edit curves line and axes parameters


Via “Edit curves line and axes parameters” is possible to set logaritmic view.

Add signal

Adds new constant signal, or open signal from file.

menu → Edit → Add New Signal



menu → File → Print Prints graphs into a .pdf file.

(to the same directory where is the waveform file)


SignalConstructor support external plugins written in python language.

Access to waveform data is possible via input parameter of plugin_main function

def plugin_main(*args, **kwargs):
    print args, kwargs

    msg = QtGui.QMessageBox()
    msg.setText('hello word from plugin :)')

    return 42

Compare signals

Is possible to compare two files, with same signal names.

  1. Open file

  2. Open second file via menu -> Compare -> Load file

    or drag and drop file into window with right button.



  • only equal signal names are compared
  • signal are automatically resized/resampled